Trend Profile

The “TrendProfile program” is the result of over 30 years of professional activity as a designer, and academic activity, held in different parts of the world.

Trend Profile is an action program that allows Associations, and Companies to observe and interpret trends, society and market movements.

The “Trend Profile Program” pretends to promote the companies organizational development, from the initial stage of observation to the stage of action, integrating the information from the Trend Profile, managing their resources and developing unique solutions that meet the needs of Companies, Sectors and Society.

The program presents an operating model based on four dimensions – Conferences, Core Sector Workshop, Sectorial Workshop and Business Consulting – where it seeks to develop a systemic understanding of the context, and develop solutions adjusted to the culture and reality of the sectors selected and consequently, of the companies and customers in these same sectors.

At the moment, the “Trend Profile Program” is being presented and developed in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Japan and Angola.